Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spanish vocab for students with Language Disorders

I have had students with language processing disorders and tryign to explain the disability to parents in Spanish is very difficult. The technical vocabulary is incredibly complex and hard to understand. What makes this even more difficult is that many times these parents have a limited education which makes it very hard for them to understand what is ailing their children and how to help them at home.

I decided to use this blog to create my own glossary of technical words to help me better understand and hopefully memorize terms for future reference. This way I can access the glossary from anywhere and maybe help other educators who are experiencing similar difficulties in communicating with Spanish speaking paretns about these disorders.

trastorno - disorder
language disorders- trastorno de lenguage
aislar- to isolate
aislarse- to cut oneself off
repercursiones educacionales- educational repercusions
discapacidad- disability
retraso- delay
padecer- to suffer, undergo
adquisicion- aquisition
patologo de habla y lenguaje - speech pathologist, speech and language pathologist
proporcionar- to provide or supply with
facilitar - facilitate, to make easier, to provide
asesores- advisors
asesorar - to advise, to act as a consultant
entorno- setting, environment
destacar- to emphasize, to stress
restringir- to restrict
contrarrestar- to counteract
potenciar- to promote, to boost
comprension comunicativa- comprehension of communication
fomentar- to boost, to encourage, to promote
propiciar- to favor or bring out

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