Saturday, January 9, 2010


Educational uses for blogs

In my readings, I came to understand a very interesting fact that most people probably already know. The word blog is derived from the term “Web log”(Flierl and Fowler, 2007). I guess I never really thought about the origin of the term and so I began to ponder on the origin and meanings of those terms. Knowing this and how the term "blog" came to be helps me to better understand the purpose of a blog. Blogging is a way to log information with tools that are much more advanced than the ordinary pencil and paper. The information in a blog could potentially reach millions of people in a very short time. It is a log of ideas and thoughts, opinions or feelings that can be instantly published.
Truthfully, I never really had a desire to create my own blog. I would read other people’s blogs, but hesitated at the thought of authoring my own. However, after reading about the many uses of blogs in education, I see blogging in an entirely different light. I like the idea of using a blog as a personal learning environment. It is completely and solely your ideas and thoughts for other people to view. It is a perfect way for students to be involved in their own learning and take ownership of their work. I like the way that blogging can encourage students to participate in discussions within their immediate learning environment or student peers from across the world. That is what is ideal about blogging. At the touch of a button, our students can share ideas and make connections with students that are worlds away from them. While connecting to others they are practicing their reading and writing skills.
With all of the great advantages of blog use, there are some disadvantages that should be considered. The article “Use of blogs in online college classes”, provides a useful chart highlighting the pros and cons of using blogs. I can understand some of the problems with using blogs in the classroom. However, with the proper monitoring of student use, some of these problems can be avoided.

Image derived from Encyclopedia of Educational Technology


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  1. Hey, Nyssa. Funny that you mention that about the origin of the term "blog". I recall my first acquaintance with this new-found web jargon when I sat chapfallen in an Education class after hearing it for the first time! I was taking classes to meet course requirements toward my Professional certificate to teach and after being out of the traditional classroom scene for a while, I realized that there was a lot I had been missing--in addition to new "stuff" I had never heard! I didn't realize there was another whole world out there that I was estranged from and as a result of hearing just that one word (blog), I knew it was time for me to get in touch with this world I had not known. And as a result, I began to pursue my Master's!!

    Classes like these at FSU are now helping me to realize the origin of the meanings of these "terms" I had very little, if not, any familiarity with; and to get a glimpse of the big web world I've been missing!

    Sometimes one word is all it takes to change the course of direction in your life.

  2. Yes, you are right Natalie. I'm glad you shared that note, I don't feel like the only one now!