Monday, January 18, 2010

BP8_201018_Discovering Web 2.0 Tools

I found an incredibly useful web tool called Jamendo. Jamendo is a web 2.0 application that allows users to download music from their site at no cost. There is no limit on the amount of downloads nor any legal issues with using their artists’ music. This is possible through Creative Commons, which grants licenses so that musicians can give away their music at no cost, but still have their rights protected. The only stipulation is that the user properly attributes the music they use in their blog, or website, etc. to the artist that composed the music. Jamendo also offers an upgraded version called Jamendo Pro. This version is available for a fee and is for those wanting to use their music for commercial purposes.
Jamendo is a great tool to use for students to use for media projects. There thousands of artists to select from and over twenty thousand albums to sift through. Students should have no problem finding something that is well suited for their project. In addition, Jamendo offers music from all over the world, a great way to expose students to music from other cultures.
In order to use Jamendo, you must have an account. Some of the music content may not be appropriate for students, so the teacher should probably preview the music and/or choose music for students to use. The teacher can also create a playlist of Jamendo music selections and save them on student computers. This will allow students to use the music freely, without having to ask the teacher for permission each time they want to create. It will also ensure that students are not viewing or listening to inappropriate content.
I will definitely use Jamendo with my students, assuming we can access the site from school. If not, I will have to explain to the powers that be how advantageous it is to have access to Jamendo.

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  1. Wow, free music!!! That's what I'm talking about Nyssa. Good job finding this site. I've been looking for a program or site that allows free music downloads. Also, the best part is to be able to download music of different cultures. I'm all into the Feng Shui type music because it helps me relax and sleep. I would love to download some music like that and play it for my classes after lunch. You know how crazy, sweaty and giggly they get after lunch.