Monday, January 11, 2010


KNOWTES web 2.0 application

Discovering Web 2.0
I found many great web 2.0 tools in my search for web applications. There were so many to look through. I was a little bit worried that I would not be able to access all of them, but then I found the search tool clicked on elearning. I wish I had seen that from the beginning, but now I know to immediately use that tool the next time I need to search.
There were quite a few web applications for education, but not too many that are geared for elementary aged students. The few that I did find were awesome, and I am definitely going to try to tap into those if they aren't blocked.
The one web 2.0 app that I really found useful is called Knowtes. This application allows users to create flashcards for students to use for studying or testing. Actually, you could create them for any purpose. It allows you to insert images in your flashcards as well. I know that there are other web applications that involve creating flashcards or cards that your students can access to study online, but Knowtes has many more formatting options and the interface is much more user friendly. It is also appealing to the eye and will engage learners, especially the younger ones. The cards you create can also be shared with the public or simply saved solely for your students use.
Now to use this application, you must first sign in and create an account, surprise! No, really, it seems like all everything web -based requires you to create an account in order to use it first. Now, before you can create an account, you must be invited to Knowtes or you can invite yourself with one of their 900 public invites. After entering your email, you will then be sent an email invite with the link to a page that will then prompt you to create an account. I ended up just inviting myself, but now that I am a member, I can invite you too. =)
I would definitely use this tool for teaching vocabulary in all content areas, especially science. The fact that you can add images in the cards makes it that much more useful for my bilingual students. They need all of the visual/verbal activities they can get for rote practice and memorization of vocabulary and content. I would probably introduce the vocabulary or lesson material that students are going to be studying before sending them off to do the activity. Knowtes would be really useful for center/stations work or buddy activities.

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